Amanda Ward

Registered Nurse

Amanda earned her BSN degree at the University of Kentucky over a decade ago and has been working side by side with Dr. Neff for several years in both the vascular procedure setting and in aesthetics. Her niche at Premier Aesthetics and Laser Centre is microneedling. She has been expertly trained in the proper technique from the best in the field. She has the scientific knowledge of the skin anatomy and cell structure with the understanding of safe serums to use with microneedling (an important necessity!) to boost collagen and elastin production. She enjoys seeing the transformation this treatment brings to her clients in plumping and firming the skin, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and softening acne scars all while preventing new signs of aging and giving skin a healthy, refreshed glow.

Outside of Premier Aesthetic and Laser Centre, she also uses her caring nature as an elementary school nurse. She balances her career with her home life as a wife and a mother of two adorable daughters.