Leg Vein Procedures

Spider and Varicose Veins

Dr. Neff is a double boarded Vascular Medicine physician. She completed a vascular medicine fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic and has over 15 years of experience in treating spider and varicose veins using sclerotherapy, Varithena and endovenous laser ablation. Learn more about these below.

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Leg Vein Treatments

Spider veins and varicose veins are caused by abnormal blood flow and weakening of the blood vessel wall. Any condition or activity that puts pressure on the veins—such as pregnancies, weight gain and sitting or standing for prolong periods, can contribute to their development, but many are genetically predisposed or have a family history if leg veins.

The most effective treatment of spider veins (small diameter blue/purple veins) is sclerotherapy. With this procedure, a tiny needle is used to inject a solution which flushes out a ray of veins. The solution used is called Asclera (we do not use saline). The job of this solution is to injure the vein enough to close the vein and cause it to shrink down and fade away. Compression stockings are needed after this procedure for increased success.

Varicose veins are larger blue veins that tend to bulge. Many times they cause symptoms of leg heaviness, fatigue, swelling, itching and restless legs at night. These may indicate further work-up and possibly a more powerful sclerosant, such as Varithena, or endovenous laser treatment to collapse the vein and alleviate these symptoms.

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