Pigment Correction Laser

Broadband Light Laser (BBL)

BBL is used for brown spots/sun damage, redness/flushed face, acne redness and hyperpigmentation.

BBL uses photothermal light energy and encompasses a variety treatments for different skin issues depending on the wavelength filter used. The physician selects the specific filter needed to treat the desired skin condition. Conditions treated include brown sun/age spots and redness or flushed skin from rosacea.

Treating brown discoloration: When treating brown spots, the spots become darker at first as they come to the surface and then flake off. The process takes 1-14 days and is much more powerful and faster than any topical lightening cream. The sun damage from years of sun exposure can be erased!

Treating red discoloration: Red or flushed skin and tiny red vessels can be treated with a separate filter which helps contract the vessels and lighten the skin. The skin’s youthful, soft, smooth appearance is restored by removing the pigment and evening out the skin tone.

The beauty of this laser treatment is that make-up can be applied immediately afterwards as there is little to no downtime.

*These treatments can be combined with SkinTyte™ of the lower face and neck, also known as the combination anti-aging treatment-Forever Young BBL (please see under combination laser treatments).

  • Duration of results: Permanent if repeat sun exposure and triggers are avoided, but regular interval treatments are recommended for accumulative results
  • Most common side effect: Temporary redness
  • Discomfort level: Minimal

Facial Vein Treatment

A 1064 yag laser or BBL 560 wavelength is used to coagulate and close down facial veins. These are common on the cheeks and around the nose and sometimes associated with rosacea.

*Calm down the redness too with our popular “Rid the Red” treatment (please see under combination laser treatments).

  • Duration of results: Permanent, but new veins can form and some veins may need more than one treatment
  • Most common side effect: Temporary redness, mild bruising
  • Discomfort level: Minimal

Cherry hemangiomas (red/vascular moles)

Cherry hemangiomas are benign vascular moles. By using the yag 1064 laser or BBL 560, the blood within this vascular lesion is heated up or coagulated. The redness turns gray or black and falls off over the next several days.

  • Duration of results: Permanent, but some may need more than one treatment
  • Most common side effect: Temporary redness, swelling
  • Discomfort level: Minimal

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